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What is difference between “CET Platform” network and “CET Platform Europe” network?

CET Platform has branches in different European countries gathered in CET Platform Network, acting as an European NGO. In this moment, there is CET Serbia, CET Croatia, CET Poland, CET Montenegro and CET Slovenia. In the same time CET is developing “CET Platform Europe” network that gather other organisations from any European country with similar goals and objectives, target groups and motivation to cooperate with each other in order to address different issues and problems on regional and European level. CET Platform network and CET Platform Europe network are also referred as CET network and CET Europe network.

Who can be member of “CET Platform Europe” network?

Any organisation from Europe sharing values, goals and objectives with CET. Organisation should be involved at least one in the project hosted by any of CET Platform organisations or have other ways of cooperation relevant for future partnership. Individuals can be members of CET Platform Europe if they share same values and wish to contribute to the goals and objectives of CET through their work.

How to become part of “CET Platform Europe” network?

By submitting letter of interest and signing Memorandum of understanding after positive decision is made by CET management.

What are benefits and responsibilities of members of “CET Platform Europe”?

Members of “CET Platform Europe” are involved in deep cooperation with CET Platform, having priorities in selection as local partners from different countries, sharing information and getting promotion and rising visibility of activities trough CET Platform communication tools. Responsibility of members are to keep values and positive image of CET brand, protect, support and empower each other. Members should use CET Platform Europe logo along with their logo whenever appropriate.

What is membership fee?

Membership fee is required starting from second year of membership and it is calculated based on 10% of average monthly wage in state in which member is locate, with maximum amount of 100 EUR on annual base. (e.g. of organisation is established in France where average wage is 2100 EUR membership fee will be 100 EUR, if organisation is established in Hungary where average wage is 550 EUR membership fee will be 55 EUR).  Individual membership is 10 EUR regardless to location.

What is development the goal of “CET Platform Europe” for next 5 years?

Goal is to become one of biggest European network of civil society organisations and individuals sharing same values, with significant influence on decision makers on local, national and European level, powerful project teams and think tank for relevant field.

CET Platform network members:

 RS CET Platforma,



ME CET Platforma,



HR Civilna, edukativna i transaprentna platform,

CET Platform,


PL Centra European Trainers platform,

CET Platform,


SI CET Platform,



BIH CET Platforma,



IT CET Platform Italy,



GR CET Platform Greece,



LT CET Platfrom,



BG CET Platforma,



MK CET Platform Skopje,



KS Centar for education and training Prizren,

CET Prizren,



CET Platform Europe network members:


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