Training center

treningC:E:T Training Centre offers organization of different forms of training for youth, business, public administration workers, members of associations, political party activists, etc.

Training is process of learning with aim of gaining knowledge and skills that can be used in practice. Participants of training trough active participation and sharing of experience and knowledge gaining practical skills and empower for future work in their organizations, teams and communities, but also for developing and implementation of different activities.

Within the program on non-formal education C:E:T offers trainings developed and leaded by experienced trainers and experts with huge experience in management of civil society associations, project management and with certificates of National Democratic Institute and other relevant organizations and foundations.

Topics of trainings:


–          European Union

–          Security and NATO

–          Local self-government

–          Active participation

–          Gender equality

–          Sustainable development

–          Work with minorities

–          Youth policies

–          Electoral laws and systems in South East Europe

–          Team work

–          Communication

–          Leadership

–          Campaigning

–          Online communication

–          Research – poles

–          Printed materials

–          DtD campaign

–          GOTV campaign

–          Negotiations

–          Strategic planning

–          Time and resources management

–          Project management

–          Fund raising

–          Advocacy and lobbing

–          Training of trainers

C:E:T crew will be happy to meet your needs and requirements. Contact us and we will create educational programs tailored to your needs.

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