„Gamification – Innovative Solutions for Social Issues” will be a 7-days Training Course
for 27 youth workers and youth leaders from programme countries (Poland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Czech Republic), designed to develop operational capacities of engaged organisations by learning innovative methods of youth social activation.
The project will explore gamification as a method of youth work, designed to engage youth in solving problems of their local communities. Social engagement of youth will is expected to leverage youth position in their local communities, and thus prevent social and economic exclusion.
Youth workers and youth leaders will discuss ways of engaging youth for taking actions for their communities, exchange good practices and discuss possible boundaries of engaging young people in social actions. Participants will learn principles of gamification – methodology of social engagement using elements of game mechanics and will develop methods of using the knowledge and skills in youth work.
The project will initiate network of organisations using gamification in youth work (also by creation of “Gamification Tool-box”), able to support each other and multiply good practices in different social contexts in Europe.

Partner Organisations:
• CET Platform – Poland
• Malta UNESCO Youth Association – Malta
• Evropa v dvijenie- Bulgaria
• EUROSUD- Italy
• CET Platform – Croatia
• Asociatia SUPER TINERI (ASIRYS) – Romania
• Asociace DICE – Czech Republic
• Asociacija “Apkabink Europa„ – Lithuania
• ProjectRevolution:YOUTH – United Kingdom

Project is hosted in Krzyzowa, Poland.


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