Travel costs YEI

Actual travel costs of foreign participants will be reimbursed up to limits, by hosting organisations. Limits: 275 EUR for participants from Poland and Turkey. 180 EUR for participants from Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria. No travel costs for participants from Montenegro.

Participants should arrive to Montenegro on 14/03/2016 and departure on 21/03/2016. Up to 2 extra day before or/and after original dates can be approved by hosting organisation in case that tickets are cheaper, travel option is more economical, no connection on expected day, etc. If you have any question feel free to contact project team or your sending organisation.

There will be 3 participants per country.

Accommodation and food during the project will be covered by hosting organisation. Participants will be accommodated in 2 and 3 bad rooms with other participants of same gander.

No participation fee will be charged by hosting organisation.

Closest airports: Tivat and Podgorica.

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