Aims and Objectives of YEI

Aim of the project is to empower youth organisations to rise youth employment alone or in cooperation with other partners, decision makers, institutions and other stakeholders. This aim of the project will be achieved by fulfilling objectives of the projects which are:
– To educate youth workers and young leaders from involved partner organizations about different ways of rising youth employment using different available resources, tools and mechanisms within EU and EU candidate countries
– To educate staff of involved organizations about communication and various communication tools in order to cover wider target groups with similar resources
– To create and improve partnership among youth organizations for running common activities with aim to promote and inform youth in Europe about employment opportunities
– To rise capacities of involved organizations from EU and Western Balkans
– To establish another learning needs, create new project ideas and promote European Mobility opportunities for young people
Methodology that will be used during the training is adopted to the need of participants and carefully selected methods such as simulations, role play, debates, discussions, work in the groups, brainstorming, case studies, presentations, etc.
From implementation of the project different target groups will benefit in different forms. Target groups are: youth workers that will participate on the project, other staff of organisations involved, partner organisations, other youth organisations, young people on the venue of mobility activity, young people in communities of partner organisations, unemployed young people in Europe, citizens of countries involved and decision maker and other stakeholders.

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