Повик за учесници за младинска размена во Беневенто, Италија

ЦЕТ платформа Македонија објавува отворен повик за 6 учесници од Македонија за младинска размена, која ќе се одржи во Сан Џорџи дел Санио, Беневенто, Италија од 7-ми до 15-ти октомври 2017.

Размената „Changes of Eternal Exodus“ се одржува во рамките на програмата Еразмус+ на Европската Комисија, при што сместувањето, храната и патните трошоци до 275 евра се целосно покриени од страна на организаторите.

Услов за учество е пријавените да се постари од 18 години, да се мотивирани и подготвени да учествуваат во сите активности на проектот и да се способни да комуницираат на англиски јазик, бидејќи тој е работен јазик на проектот.

Избраните учесници ќе треба да платат 400 денари членарина на сметка на организацијата како надомест за учество на проектот. Сумата вклучува подготовка пред одењето на размената, помош при организирањето на превозот и комуникација со организаторите, подршка од страна на организацијата за потенцијално настанат проблем во текот на проектот, како и вклучување во мејлинг листа на организацијата која нуди информации за учество на идни локални или меѓународни активности.

Во продолжение прочитајте повеќе детали за размената, а доколку сте заинтересирани да учествувате, тогаш испратете пополнет апликационен формулар или прашање на cetmk.projects@gmail.com со назнака (subject) „Размена во Беневенто“, најдоцна до 5-ти септември 2017.

About this intercultural youth exchange…

“Changes of eternal exodus” expresses the willingness of the project partnership to get to know and explore cultures, knowledge and migration realities of the participating countries & people representing respectively Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Spain & Turkey.

The specific themes of this youth exchange are:

  • Integration of refugees
  • Migrants’ issues
  • Health and well-being

We wish to get to know on a daily basis all the cultures in the partnership by exchanging our migration experiences and realising the intercultural evenings dedicated to each country and organization with games, videos, activities who can shed light on stereotypes and prejudices. We would like to reproduce traditional and modern atmospheres of our countries and our migration cultures to offer a more complete picture of who we are. Many workshops will be realised also in the open, in the “CAS, I ragazzi del sole” and we will visit the CARITAS, working stably as hosting and integrating coordinators, which could be an example for many of us. We underline that each partner should include in the exchange at least 3 people, either young immigrants or second generation/ethnic minorities. It is our habit to make integrated groups not to create ghettoes or happy oases, we believe that there is always something to learn from each other and solidarity brings well-being.

To be concise, our objectives are:

  1. Take care of participants through workshops of cuisine & culture.
  2. Break stereo-types and shed light on the participating countries & people.
  3. Offer participants the opportunity to prepare, lead and evaluate group activities also while keeping in mind potential work occupations.
  4. Inform participants about further opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ Sub-Programmes: YOUTH (intercultural exchanges, volunteering, training courses), VET vocational working training abroad; UNIVERSITY study abroad.
  5. Spread healthy values such diversity, brotherhood, inclusion, sharing, well-being.
  6. Promote non formal education, very functional for youth activation.
  7. Invest in the follow-up activities brainstormed and structured by participants.

Who can participate:

The project “Changes of eternal exodus” is an intercultural youth exchange involving 30 young people from Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Lithuania, Spain & Turkey. Half of them are expected to be second generations, asylum seekers, migrants and youngsters interested in the themes of “Migration & Human Rights” with some experience, based either on studies or voluntary work, in this field.

The age targeted in this intercultural exchange is from 20 to 25 years old. A few exceptions are possible from the age of 16 up to 30 years old. Group leaders can be any age.


The project will take place in S. Giorgio del Sannio, Benevento, a town about 90 km from Naples. The accommodation is “Convento Francescano”, a Franciscan catholic monastery which offers several services to the communities especially to immigrants, poor people and associations of diverse types focusing on social work. Here is their website to know more: http://www.ofmsangiorgiodelsannio.it/2010/home.html.

Rooms can host from 4 to 8 people and have bathrooms and showers in the corridors. The place has a theatre and common areas where the group can work together. Part of the project starts from leading activities inside the monastery and complete them outside in the town of S. Giorgio and the city of Benevento with the youngsters of the community.

Therefore we invite to consider the monastery as a home and cradle of our inspiration. The aim of our project is to bring the impact of an intercultural dimension in our area.

The financial conditions:

Food, accommodation and project costs are fully covered and free for the participants. As for the travel, we can reimburse 100% of travel costs up to 275 euros for Macedonian participants.

!Very important: your tickets are a proof of your travel that we must keep and present to the ERASMUS+ Program, the main funding source of the project. If you cannot provide your original tickets and invoices clearly stating the travel company, your name, all the trip details and the exact costs covered, we will not be able to reimburse you.

About CET platform Macedonia

Macedonian branch of the CET platform network.

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