Call for partners for 3 projects in Croatia

djakovoDear youth organisations,

CET platform Croatia is happy to invite organisations from Program countries (EU28 and Macedonia only) interested to be partner organisations on project that will be submited to the Croatian National Agency within KA1 of Erasmus+ programme on April 2014 deadline. One project will include partners from West Balkans, too.

Project will take place in Đakovo, Croatia in end of 2014 and each partner will send 3 young leaders and/or youth workers.

YourPass – YouthPass

Recognition of non-formal education, use of all opportunities provided by Youthpass, role of Youthpass in employability, promotion and understaning. Many young people in Europe today have opportunities to get Youthpass after participation in non-formal education supported by EU and many youth organisations issues thoes documents, but there is general lack of knowleadge about its use and other opportunities provided by European Commision trough this. Our project provide young leaders and youth workers from all over the Europe to learn about all elements of use of Youthpass, promote it as tool and socialy recognised document. Participants will aslo prepare follow up actvities related to promotion of YP and recognision of non-formal education, particulary in employement of young people.

Youth Policy Seminar

Different tools, aproaches and mechanisms on youth policy are recognised in different communities on local, regional, national and European level including different good practices. This project aims to giveopportunity to youth workers from EU and West Balkans about good practive in youth policy, ways to ensure participation of young people in active life and decision making process, public advocacy and lobbing for youth policy. This project will aslo include partners from West Balkan (Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Montenegro).

Sustainable Youth Agents

The main aim of the project is to promote Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) among youth workers in European countries, thus contributing to raising awareness of sustainable development issues among young people. Climate change makes sustainable development an urgent global priority. Achieving sustainable development is impossible without wide social awareness of the problem, including through education and youth work . This project provides a non-formal educational platform for youth workers to learn and gain competences in sustainable development work with young people locally and internationally. The course is centred around the concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a practical tool of education for young people not only about the problems of climate change but also about possible solutions. The project will also promote local initiatives based on the principles of sustainability located around in the Slavonija region.


Interested partner organisation should be NGOs active in field of youth entrepreneurship, active participation and youth work.

If you want to be partner make sure that you are complete all of following steps:

  1. Obtain PIC number from Participants Portal website on this link
  2. Upload Legal entity form and registration documents on Participants Portal
  3. Select Erasmus+ on Participants portal by clicking Organisation ˃ My organisation ˃ Modify organisation ˃ Choose your framework program (on the bottom of the pop-up window)
  4. Upload your Legal entity form (obligatory) and Finantial identification on Documents section of previous website
  5. Download and fulfill Mandate(s) (Mandates with inserted signature and stamp will not be accepted)
  6. Download and fulfill PIF (PIF should contain PIC and all fields completed, sent in word format.)
  7. Make sure that e-mail used for for obtaining PIC is same as one written in PIF
  8. Send us completed Mandate(s) and PIF on by 22/04/2012 afternoon.


Partner Identification Form

Mandante YourPass – YouthPass

Mandate Youth Policy Seminar

Mandate Sustainable Youth Agents


For any help, please contact us in any moment.

See you in Đakovo,

C:E:T team

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