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Europe On A Doorstep

CET Platform in cooperation with Municipality Vila Boa do Bispo and other partners implemented project Europe On A Doorstep within Europe for Citizens programme of the European Commission. Download report here.


One week project, started on 19th and ended on 27th of November, in a small town called Asnaes in Denmark.  In this project, 56 youth representatives from organizations participated from 7 different countries: Denmark, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

In those 7 days, participants got to know each other, they worked on exploring the positive and negative sides of social media, and they were part of fun sessions where they had opportunity to show their acting skills, their opinion and to express their creativity.

In relation to the negative sides of social media they worked out the theme “Cyberbullying, violation of privacy on the internet, addiction of social media, violation of mental health, spreading hate speech etc. They watched two films “Nosedive” and “Cyberbully” which the participants analyzed them deeply and discussed about the theme of the negative effects of the of social media.

But after that they were focused to the positive sides that social media can bring like: create campaigns for positive changes in local community and society, raising awareness for certain problems and events, collecting donations, promoting civic engagement, improved telecommunications, inspiration for opening new businesses etc.

Every day was starting with fun energizers, after which the participants participated in sessions with a good concentration in a mixed groups. The sessions contained examples of young people everyday life, where they exchange different ideas from their countries.

The main thing that the participants learned during the sessions that even if they are coming from the different countries, cultures and nationalities ,they are facing similar problems after which they focused on same ideas for resolving those issues.

In the end of every day they had fun activities like intercultural evenings where each country presents part of their history, traditions, music, dances and food, and after that they had competitions in dancing, karaoke, and night for social games where mobile phones were forbidden for few hours.

In the end of the project participants went away with good memories, new knowledge, increased presentation skills, improved English language, new friendships that will last so many years, but also new love.

Poziv za ucesnike iz Srbije za trening u Prizrenu

CET platfrom vas poziva da se prijavite na trening “Values of Peace, Values of Europe” koji ce se održati od 07/03/2019 do 12/03/2019 u Prizrenu. Smeštaj i hrana su obezbeđeni, a refundiraju se troškovi puta u skladu sa pravilima programa. Read the rest of this entry

Call for participants from Croatia and Macedonia for training in Poland

CET Platform Poland is looking for participants from Croatia and Macedonia for project “Systematic Approach to Youthwork”. Read the rest of this entry

Call for participants from Serbia for TC in Durres

Project title: Leaders of Future


Total number of places: 4 participants.

More information in info-pack on this link.


Apply by sending application form from this link on email asap.

One more training course within Erasmus+ programme held in Djakovo

From 16. – 24. January 2018. project named „Human rights education for European values equalization was held in Djakovo, Croatia. Project was organized by C:E:T platform Croatia, approved by National agency for mobility and EU programmes and financed by European Union within Erasmus+ programme – Key action 1 – Mobility of youthworkers. Read the rest of this entry

Young Drivers

The Youth Exchange Project “Young Drivers” was held in Lithuania from the 10th to 20th of December of 2017, in the Trakai region. Project is funded by European Union. Read the rest of this entry

King’s Speech

Youth exchange “King’s Speech” is a project funded by Erasmus+. The activity took place in Lithuania, Markutiskes 3rd – 11th of November 2017 Read the rest of this entry

TC “A Collaborative action for social inclusion”

From 7th till 16th July 2017. we participated on the training course „A collaborative action for social inclusion“ in Zakynthos Greece.  Project gathered  24 participants from Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey and it was organized by NECI Greece within Erasmus+ programme. Our organization C:E:T platform Croatia was represented by two of our members who were actively involved in all phases of the project and who are actively involved in our regular activities. Through various number of different workshops, discussions and presentations, we learnt a lot about inclusion in other countries but also about examples of good practice which we can use in order to improve situation in our country.

We learnt a lot about how to react on different situation with which we need to deal in our regular activities when it come to unexpected situations and how to deal with it in the best possible way. Also, very important part is that we finally got clear information about difference between inclusion and integration which most of us were mixing before this training.

Also, we find out a lot of information about how to work on our self and how to improve our key competences by practicing what we learnt on Zakynthos. Through intercultural evenings we also got a lot of information about other cultures and countries and we realized that we all have a lot of things in common but also some differences which define our culture as something unique.

On the end we worked on future projects ideas where we make a plan to apply with some of thoose ideas on next Erasmus+ deadline in order to provide youth with more mobility opportunities but also in order to work on topics which are very active today, inclusion, human rights, antidiscrimination and equality.

For us it was privilege to participate in this training course and for sure we will proceed with cooperation with organizations involved in this project on future activities.

Authors: Anita Ćirić & Tomislav Bogdan

Call for participants – Social Entrepreneurship Training, Bulgaria

Dear members and youth workers,

CET Platform Serbia in cooperation with CET Platform Bugaria is happy to invite you to apply for “Social Entreperenuship Training” that will be held between 9 – 17 October 2017 in Uzana, Bulgaria.





In Infopack on this LINK you can find more information. Application form is on this LINK. Each partner will send per 3 participants.