TC “A Collaborative action for social inclusion”

From 7th till 16th July 2017. we participated on the training course „A collaborative action for social inclusion“ in Zakynthos Greece.  Project gathered  24 participants from Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey and it was organized by NECI Greece within Erasmus+ programme. Our organization C:E:T platform Croatia was represented by two of our members who were actively involved in all phases of the project and who are actively involved in our regular activities. Through various number of different workshops, discussions and presentations, we learnt a lot about inclusion in other countries but also about examples of good practice which we can use in order to improve situation in our country.

We learnt a lot about how to react on different situation with which we need to deal in our regular activities when it come to unexpected situations and how to deal with it in the best possible way. Also, very important part is that we finally got clear information about difference between inclusion and integration which most of us were mixing before this training.

Also, we find out a lot of information about how to work on our self and how to improve our key competences by practicing what we learnt on Zakynthos. Through intercultural evenings we also got a lot of information about other cultures and countries and we realized that we all have a lot of things in common but also some differences which define our culture as something unique.

On the end we worked on future projects ideas where we make a plan to apply with some of thoose ideas on next Erasmus+ deadline in order to provide youth with more mobility opportunities but also in order to work on topics which are very active today, inclusion, human rights, antidiscrimination and equality.

For us it was privilege to participate in this training course and for sure we will proceed with cooperation with organizations involved in this project on future activities.

Authors: Anita Ćirić & Tomislav Bogdan

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