Call for applicants from Serbia for YE “Guidelines to self development”

bugarskaC:E:T Plartorm and IYAC Bulgaria are happy to invite you to apply for participation on Youth Exchange “Guidelines to self development” that will be hosted in Uzana, Gabrovo, from 19.10. until 26.10.2014.

The youth exchange „Guidelines to self development” will be held in Bulgaria in the village of Uzana, the region of Gabrovo. The participants will be 27 young people from Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Poland and The Czech Republic at the age of 18 to 26 and one group leader up to 30. The aim of the project activities is to orientate and help the participants in the process of career and social development. It will be realized by the opportunity given to participants to discover their competences through informal methods of education by analyzing their personal aims, career orientation goals, weak and strong characteristics and ways to improve them.

For more information about please read Info pack on this link.

Applications from this link should be sent on e-mail by 01.10.2014 with subject “BG application”.

If you are interested to be group leader og the group (no 18-30 y.o.), please send as additional motivation for that and your CV.

Your C:E:T

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