Call for partners for projects in PL, HR and LT

16CET Platform Poland and Croatia and partner organisation Apkabink Europa form Lithuania are happy to invite you to join us on projects which will be submitted to National Agencies on February 2015 deadline of KA1 Mobility of Youth. All projects will be submitted within the Erasmus+ programme.



Update!!! Deadline for sending partnership documents is 25/01/2015. We still need one or two partners for projects:

– TC “Stay Tuned Online”

– TC “Creative Entrepreneurship”

– TC “Gamification – Innovative Solutions for Social Issues”

– TC “Act it out”

Other projects are full and closed. We already have partners from Turkey, Italy, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. Partners from all other EU member states are welcomed to contact us.

We are looking for partners from EU and (in few cases) Western Balkans. All project will be hosted between May and August 2015 in Đakovo, Croatia; Wroclaw, Poland and Vilnius, Luthuania. Final dates will be agreed with selected partners.

TC “Stay Tuned Online” in Croatia (partners from EU only)

It will be 7 days training course, follow up of the implemented project Stay Tuned, aiming to provide youth organisations and youth workers with skill and knowledge regarding online communication with young people and campaigning, and to create innovative and creative tools for communication and motivation of young people. Participants will obtain a series of competences and be ready to promote activities and motivate young people independently or in cooperation with other colleagues from their organisations. Expected result of the project is a set of different tools and ideas which will be shared with other youth organisations in the Europe and contribute to strengthening of European youth work.

TC “Creative Entrepreneurship” in Croatia (partners from EU only)

It will be 7 days training course educating youth workers and young leaders from partner organisations in implementation of local, national and European activities aiming to tackle issues such as youth entrepreneurship, youth unemployment, labour market issues, creativity and social-responsible entrepreneurship. Follow up work of participants involved will have significant impact on social inclusion through fostering of youth entrepreneurship in communities involved, and also ensure that results of the project are shared with other youth organisations solving similar issues all across Europe.

YE “Young Europe” in Croatia (partners from EU and WB)

This youth exchange will promote active participation, European awareness and the EU citizenship among young people involved in the project. Partner organisations involved in the project should run or be motivated to run activities promoting these values and aim to educate young people about the EU. Participants will also be involved in simulation of the European Parliament, getting to know EU institutions structure and role, decision making process within the EU, as well as formal and informal ways of participation of citizens in decision making process.

YE “SpeakUP against Discrimination” in Croatia (partners from EU only)

The Youth Exchange aims to educate young people with fewer opportunities about discrimination, particularly about different forms of discrimination, as well to empower them to recognize and react in situation when they or their peers are discriminated. This knowledge and social networks created by participants will contribute to their active engagement in fighting discrimination not only on local level, but also in cooperation with other young people on European level.

TC “Gamification – Innovative Solutions for Social Issues” in Poland (partners from EU only)

The 7-daysTraining Course aimed at implementing principles of Gamification in youth work. Youth workers and youth leaders will discuss ways of engaging youth for taking actions for their communities, exchange good practices and discuss possible boundaries of engaging young people in social actions. Participants will learn principles of Gamification – methodology of social engagement using elements of game mechanics and will develop methods of using the knowledge and skills in youth work. The project will initiate network of organisations using Gamification in youth work, able to support each other and multiply good practices in different contexts in Europe.

TC “Act it out” in Poland (partners from EU and WB)

The 7-days Training Course for youth workers and youth leaders is designed to develop operational capacities of engaged organisations by learning theatre-related methods of youth work. The project will explore complex idea of citizenship and European citizenship, issues connected to it and problems young people face in practising their citizenships. Participants will learn forum theatre as a method of youth work related to problems of citizenship and useful in their everyday actions for the benefit of their local communities.

TC “Communication leaders” in Lithuania (partners from EU and WB)

The 7-days Training course that will gather 30 youth workers and young leaders from different EU and Western Balkans organisations in order to learn them how to communicate with their target groups on best way. It is big challenge to get in touch with young people in age of information and lack of time. Organisations that will be involved in the project have many things to offer to young people, know how to solve their issues and problems, but also have need to train their staff in communication with target groups, preparation on transfer of message and working with different online and offline medias.


If you are interested to be partner in one or more project(s), please send us:

Partnership Identification Form (PIF)

Mandate(s) for one or more projects (duly signed, stamped and scanned file, any other files without signature or with inserted signature will not be taken into consideration. Please to not spam us :)…)

on e-mail by January 25th 2015.

Download forms:

Partnership identification form

Mandate TC “Stay Tuned Online” – HR

Mandate TC “Creative Entrepreneurship” – HR

Mandate YE “Young Europe” – HR

Mandate YE “SpeakUP against Discrimination” – HR

Mandate TC “Gamification – Innovative Solutions for Social Issues” – PL

Mandate TC “Act it out” – PL

Mandate TC “Communication Leaders” – LT

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