Call for partners for projects in Serbia and Montengro

eyw_logoCET platform Serbia and CET platform Montengro invites you to join new project proposal “European values and youth” that will be hosted in Serbia and “Youth Work alliances in Balkans” that will be hosted in Montenegro. Both projects will be submitted to EACEA on February 2016 deadline within Western Balkans Youth Window of Erasmus+ programme.

Project “European values and youth”, Belgrade, Serbia

Aim of project is to rise capacity of youth organisations from Western Balkans alone or in cooperation with partners from other European countries to develop and implement activities addressing active participation of young people, European citizenship and European values. One of expected impacts of the project is to bring positive energy among young people regarding European integration, tolerance and prevention of discrimination. In days when Europe is facing migration crises, radicalization of young people, Euro skepticism and consequences of economic crises there is huge need of youth organisations to get back to tracks of promotion of European values, European integration, mobility, tolerance and human rights. This project will help youth organsiations by training its staff, but also offering innovative youth work methods, such as online youth work, internationalization of youth work and cross border cooperation. Each partner organisation from EU will send 1 participant on each TC, while each partner from candidate countries will send 2 participants on each TC. There will be two Training Courses hosted in Belgrade, Serbia.

Project “Youth work alliances in Balkans”, Becici, Montenegro

CET Platform Montenegro invites youth organisations from European Union and Western Balkans to apply for partnership on project that will be submitted to EUACEA in February 2016 deadline within Western Balkan Youth Window of Erasmus+. Project “Youth work alliances in Balkans” aims to empower youth organisations to develop and implement activities for young people trough cooperation with decision makers, business and other stakeholders, trough building capacities of organisations to initiate and create partnership with other organisations and institutions. Main problem that youth organisations in Balkans are facing is ignorance or lack of motivation of initiations to support and contribute to activities of youth organisations. Youth workers that will take part in this project will learn to get in touch with them, make them interested and develop cooperation. This will also influence involvement of youth organisations in policy drafting and initiation of youth related policy reforms. Project will  include one Training Course that will be hosted in Becici in Montenegro in late September 2016.


We are looking for partner organisations from EU and Balkans that DO NOT charge participation fee.

If you are interested to be part of this project(s), please complete partnership registration (down) before 10/01/2016. For more information feel free to contact us on (instead of standard PIF)

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