Call for partners for projects in Croatia

callforpartnersCET Platform Croatia invites you to be partner on projects that will be submitted to Croatian NA on February 2016 deadline of KA1 Mobility of Youth, Erasmus+.

TC “Youth Education today, Citizens equality tomorrow”

It will be training course for youth workers and leaders from partner organization.First activity is expected in September 2016. and will include 30 youth workers and youth leaders, 3 from each partner organization. It will be about human rights, what is the human rights in general and what is the history of protection of human rights. Participants will be introduced with key documents related with human rights in order to use it in situation of violence of human rights in their community. Also participants will have opportunity to express their opinions about migrations today and how migrations are related with human rights. Also they will compare situation with human rights protection in their countries and with methods how they can through non formal education change it and improve it. Also our team of trainers and experts will educate participants about Compass, how they can use it and how to choose methods related on exactly topic about which they want facilitate activity for youth but also for other citizens which is interested in this topic in their local, regional but also European community. Expected results of this project is raised awareness about human rights and have educated youth workers and leaders which will be able to implement Compass methods in their activities.

TC “Inclusion+”

Will provide youth workers from 10 different EU and neighboring partner countries with opportunity to research, share and adapt different workshops, activities, tools and information relevant to the youth work in order to use them in “new situation” where special attention is needed for reaching out marginalized young people and identify and prevent radicalization of young people. This project will be beginning of partnership among youth organisations in Europe that in next year will work on inclusion of young people and improvement in youth work. Project will include one mobility activity. Each partner will send 3 youth workers. Project will take place in beginning of December 2016 in Djakovo, Croatia.

YE “Diversity respected? Challenge accepted!”

Today when all focus is on financial and refugees crisis, a lot of people, especially thoose which are responsible for education of youth forgot main motto of European Union “United in diversity”. We are all witnesses of radicalization of young people, especially in rural communities where they dont have enough sources of information and they can hear only “one side” and one opinion. Through this project we want to give opportunity to young people, especially young people from rural communities to exchange information in intercultural and inter-religious environment and to see that behind all diversities we have a lot of common values and interes regardless on country where we live, our religion, gender, sexual orientation etc. Through discussions, debates, meetings with decision makers, meetings with peace makers and numerous non formal methods of education participants will have opportunity to meet new cultures, new countries and also to better meet themselves but also to share there opinions about topics focused on human rights in tolerant and respective environment. This will be Youth Exchange and will include 42 young people, 6 from each partner organisation and it is planed in August 2016. in Djakovo, Croatia.

YE “Young Europeans Resolution”

It is aimed for 36 youth workers who want to gain knowledge about conflict resolution process and analyzing conflict, as well as steps for preventing conflicts and how to constructively respond to it.
Youth Exchange will be organized by CET Platform Croatia within Erasmus + KA 1 Mobility of youth workers and it is aimed for 6 organization from EU programme and partner countries (each organization should send 6 participants including one team leader). Project will be organized in Djakovo, Croatia in autumn 2016.

If your organisation is interested to take part in this project(s), please send us:

– Partnership identification form (fulfilled in .doc format)
– Mandate form for each project in which you are interested (signed and stamped, in .pdf format)

on e-mail by 25/01/2016

Please mind that we will not be able to accept partners that send us Mandates with inserted stamp as well as PIFs other than form attached to this call.


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