Повик за учесници за младинска размена во Романија

ЦЕТ платформа Македонија објавува отворен повик за 6 учесници од Македонија, на возраст од 18 до 30 години, за младинска размена која ќе се одржи во Рамнику Валчеа (Râmnicu Vâlcea), Романија од 7-ми до 17-ти мај 2017.

Размената „Combating Racism in Europe by Art and Theatre“ се одржува во рамките на програмата Еразмус+ на Европската Комисија, при што сместувањето и храната се целосно покриени од страна на организаторите, како и патните трошоци до 80 евра.

Услов за учество е пријавените да имаат од 18 до 30 години, да се мотивирани и подготвени да учествуваат во сите активности на проектот и да се способни да комуницираат на англиски јазик, бидејќи тој е работен јазик на проектот.

Во продолжение прочитајте повеќе детали за размената, а доколку сте заинтересирани да учествувате, тогаш испратете пополнет апликационен формулар или прашање на cetmk.projects@gmail.com со назнака (subject) „Размена во Романија“.

Апликационен формулар

About the project:

The Multilateral Youth Exchange CREATE Combating Racism in Europe by Art and Theatre aims to contribute to the promotion of non-formal education based on visual arts as a tool for:

– improve the level of key competences&skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities

– promote among young people diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights – increase the young people’s active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity

There are 46 young participants between 18-30 years old – and 8 leaders from 8 countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Kosovo* UN resolution and Romania. All these young persons coming from countries with very different economic, social and cultural (including religious) background and they are different themselves from the point of view of professional background, life experience, age, social status etc. will work together for 10 days, learning and experimenting different creative non-formal tools and having a common goal – to develop a performance, for a big public, with a challenging aim to sensitize them on unfair way racism, discrimination, stereotypes and prejudgments could affect the most important parts of our life: love, friendship, workplace, free-time and access to public/private services.

All activities are drawn in order to reach the project overall and specific objectives, development – at participants’ individual level – of key competencies and abilities that will contribute both to their personal self development and to raise their awareness on issues related to promoting diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights.


The project will take place in Romania, Râmnicu Vâlcea.

The accommodation will be at Hotel Tineretului Ramnicu Valcea http://www.fjt-valcea.ro/ (both for APV and Youth Exchange).

The arrival date is 7th May 2017, first accommodation day. Departure day is 18th May. If you want to arrive a couple of days earlier or leave couple of days later, we can help you to look for accommodation, but we cannot cover any expenses from these days.

Participants will be accommodated in rooms with 2 or 3 beds, with private bathroom. There are bed linen and towels for each participant.

Financial rules:

As this is an Erasmus+ project, the financial conditions are as follows:

Accommodation & meals, support materials, promotional stuffs – 100% covered by the project. The food will be served 3 times daily. There will be vegetarian food and food with no pork meat (for the Turkish team) and also other types of food so everybody decides what to eat. Water, coffee and tea will be free of charge available in the conference room.

We cannot pay for extra meals or drinks you might need.

Transport cost: 80 euros for participants from Macedonia.

Before coming to the project:

Each group – (leader+participants) has also two main tasks before the exchange:

  • to collect different kind of information (official data, case studies, reports or other documents) about minorities status, racism and xenophobia in their country, for the debate that will take place in the second day of the exchange
  • to prepare a set of information and materials about their country in general (power-point presentations, movies, pictures, food and drinks, music and dances, folk costumes and other folk objects etc.) for presenting to other participants during their “official” day (presentation in the morning and cultural evening); participants will be encouraged to find inedited information (less known issues about their country and culture – for example everybody make the connection “Italy=pizza” but just a few know when, where, for whom and with what ingredients was prepared the first pizza)

About CET platform Macedonia

Macedonian branch of the CET platform network.

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