Повик за учесници за младинска размена во Солун

ЦЕТ платформа Македонија објавува отворен повик за 5 учесници од Македонија, на возраст од 18 до 30 години, за младинска размена која ќе се одржи во Солун, Грција од 11-ти до 22-ри јуни 2017.

Размената „Diversity in Visual Arts“ се одржува во рамките на програмата Еразмус+ на Европската Комисија, при што сместувањето и храната се целосно покриени од страна на организаторите, како и патните трошоци до 80 евра. Напоменуваме дека за учество на проектот треба да се плати надомест од 30 евра на организаторите кои може да се платат при пристигнувањето или да бидат одземени од рефундацијата на патните трошоци.

Услов за учество е пријавените да имаат од 18 до 30 години (предност имаат од 18 до 25 г.), да се мотивирани и подготвени да учествуваат во сите активности на проектот и да се способни да комуницираат на англиски јазик, бидејќи тој е работен јазик на проектот.

Во продолжение и во прикачениот документ внимателно прочитајте ги сите детали за размената, па доколку сте заинтересирани да учествувате, тогаш испратете пополнет апликационен формулар или прашање на cetmk.projects@gmail.com со назнака (subject) „Размена во Солун“.

Description of the project:

Υouth exchange Diversity in Visual Arts (DIVA) will bring to Thessaloniki 55 young people aged 18-25 years for 11 days(11-22/06/2017) from 10 countries(Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Italy) to discuss, reflect and raise awareness about LGBTI+ community and its rights. Participants, through a series of activities based on non-formal and intercultural learning, will come into contact with that community and the prevailing stereotypes and problems.

Moreover during the exchange, participants will have the opportunity to attend special workshops in various art forms (such as puppet show, comics, creative writing) and new technologies (such as photography, web-radio and video). Participants, will be divided into groups according to their interests. The aim of these workshops is to develop their imagination and creativity and to learn how through arts they can promote human rights and sensitize the society about those issues.

This exchange will take place during the 6th Thessaloniki Pride where participants will take part.

Objectives of the exchange:

  • The promotion of human rights and in particular of the LGBTI+ rights through arts and new technologies.
  • The promotion of the arts and new technologies as effective tools to raise awareness and fight discrimination.
  • The familiarizing of the participants regarding LGBTI + community, problems etc. as well as breaking down of stereotypes, intolerance and prejudices that exist for LGBTI+ people.
  • Participants to acquire basic skills on the use of new media, the arts but also to understand the values of non-formal and intercultural learning.
  • The cooperation among the partner organizations in order to create new projects that promote human rights.
  • The promotion of European ideals and principles and the sense of European citizenship.

When & Where?


Arrival day: 11/06
Departure day: 22/06

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Profile of participants:

The group of the youth exchange consists of 55 young people (18-25 y.o.) and youth leaders (over 18 y.o.), residents in the countries of the sending organisations. Each partner organisation will send group of 5 people consisting of 4 young persons and 1 group leader.

Participants of this exchange don’t need to have any prior knowledge on the LGBTI+ issues or arts, new technologies, etc. This will provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection on those issues. Therefore, our goal is the vast majority of the participants not to belong to the target group, so that the results of the educational process to be more prominent in people who previously were unaware of these issues. However, everybody is welcome to apply without any requirements.


Activities of this youth exchange will be based on non-formal education as well as workshops on different methods such as video, photo, radio, comics, creative writing or puppet show. Those workshops will be
determined by the end of April by the organisers. Then selected participants should apply to one of those and they will follow them during some of the days of the exchange.

Participants will also take part in the 6th Thessaloniki Pride which will be held in the first week of the exchange. More details about it will be sent to the selected participants.


The venue, both for the accommodation and for the activities, is the fourstar Hotel Philippion (http://www.philippion.gr/).

The hotel is located in the heart of the Seich-Sou forest and has spectacular views of Thessaloniki and Thermaikos gulf. Full board accomondation will be provided by the organisers.

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