MOST European project implemented by CET and partners

CET Platfrom Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Italy together with partner organisations from Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia organised Youth Exchange MOST European (MOST – Slavic word for bridge) in Uzhgorod, small town in Western Ukraine, only few kilometers from Schengen border and Euro zone, in community with amazing Euro-optimism particularly among young people. Youth Exchange had following objectives:

– to gather 42 young people from very diverse European countries and provide them with opportunity to discuss and learn about youth perspectives on European integrations, EU enlargement and future of Europe;
– to educate young people about European values and empower them to be peer educators and promoters of those values among their friends;
– to facilitate constructive and critical participation of young people through proposing policy reforms, claiming rights and democratization of decision making process in accordance to EU and national law and standards,
– to develop resources for youth work and provide experience to participants and organisations involved needed for implementation of local activities regarding European values and integration


Find out more about this project on the official web-site on this link.

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