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Повик за учесници за обука во Романија

ЦЕТ платформа Македонија објавува отворен повик за 3 учесници од Македонија за обука за човекови права која ќе се одржи во Гура Хуморулуи (Gura Humorului), во округот Сучава, Романија од 1-ви до 10-ти јуни 2017. Read the rest of this entry

Повик за учесници за младинска размена во Романија

ЦЕТ платформа Македонија објавува отворен повик за 6 учесници од Македонија, на возраст од 18 до 30 години, за младинска размена која ќе се одржи во Рамнику Валчеа (Râmnicu Vâlcea), Романија од 7-ми до 17-ти мај 2017. Read the rest of this entry

Members of CET platform Macedonia on a project in Poland about supporting youth and social inclusion

From 30th of August until 7th of September 2016, 2 participants and 1 trainer from CET platform Macedonia took part in the project “Youth Support Youth” which was a Mobility of youth workers – Training curse, hosted in Stara Kraśnica, Poland by our Polish partner Youth Support Centre.
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Getting-to-know each other, team building and introduction to the project

The Sun and beautiful weather welcomed us in Krzyżowa on the second day of our Training Course “Eco Active In The City” which we started with getting-to-know each other activities such as ice-breakers and name games. We have introduced the objectives of the projects, presented the working program and methodology that we are going to use in the following week. The participants from Poland, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria shared their expectations from the project as well as the contributions they will provide during the 7 days together.

Afternoon session were reserved for team building activities during which the participants had the tasks to “neutralize toxic waste”; think out of the box, brainstorm ideas and find a solution for a demanding challenge; and the group as a whole to accomplish a series of tasks without being provided with any instructions. These activities helped the participants to a build positive group spirit, to work as a team and to get more comfortable communicating and working with each other.

Group photo as part of team building activity

The last session introduced the participants with the topic of the Training Course in an interactive and experiential way. They had the task in groups to go around the youth centre in Krzyżowa and to search, discuss about, photograph and later present objects, materials, machines, tools, elements, systems etc. that make the Centre sustainable and eco-friendly. The activity was also an opportunity for the participants to get familiar with the environment and learn more about the facilities of the Centre which are built around the principles of sustainable development and protecting the environment.

Through the hashtag #EcoActiveByCET you are invited to follow our activities, get more information about the project and participate in discussions and debates online.