Call for partners for projects in Croatia and Serbia

youth-in-action-call-for-partnersDear European Youth Workers,

C:E:T platform is happy to announce


from European Union and South East Europe (ex-YU and Albania) for three following projects. Project proposals will be submited to EACEA and Croatian National Agency under action 3.1 of Youth in Action program.

1. Training Course “StartUp entrepreneurship” that will be hosted in Belgrade, Serbia in February 2014

The idea of this project is to empower young people with necessary competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) as to the most basic entrepreneurial idea: start-ups. Through a seven day residential training course participants will learn about the basics of social entrepreneurship and of how they can put their ideas and creativity into practice establishing basic (and more advanced) start-ups in terms of youth organizations but also small-scale businesses. All of these are aimed at the empowerment of each individual and increasing the awareness (and readiness) of each young person to create their own employment, but also remain actively involved and connected to their local environments. The project will be implemented in Belgrade, Serbia and will involve 30 young people from 10 different European countries

2. Training Course “Stay tuned” that will be hosted in Djakovo, Croatia in December 2013

The idea of the project is to empower youth workers and young leaders from different European countries to make and maintain good communication with their target groups, run campaigns and have good communication with decision makers and other stake holders. Using non-formal education methods our experienced trainers will offer following knowledge and skills to participants: planning campaign, time management, selection and use of channels of communication, targeting target groups, creation of message box, formulation of effective message, use of social networks, and many other necessary things. Additionally, participants will learn about European citizenship concept, its promotion and inclusion of young people from minority groups and young people with social obstacles in their activities.

3. Youth Exchange “Practicing Citizenship – Making a Change” that will be hosted in Kikinda, Serbia in March 2014

The project seeks to bring together volunteers, youth leaders and youth workers to discuss the meaning of European Citizenship and youth participation, possible ways to break the issues down for the practice in international youth work and to come up with creative and innovative approaches, ideas and support for practitioners in the international youth field. Concretely the Youth Exchange will set the basis for the implementation of compulsory follow-up events, organized by the future partner organisations (e.g. as Youth Initiatives and/or Youth Exchanges) in each of the partner´s countries.

Application procedure

We are kindly ask interested organizations to send us needed documents:

–          Partnership identification

–          Preliminary agreements (Only for projects in Serbia. For project in Croatia preliminary agreement will be generated and sent back to you to sing it after submission of the project)

Please mind that partnership identification should be in word form, so all information can be easily copied to application form. We will not accept preliminary agreement in which stamp and signature is inserted, so please fulfill documents, print it and then send us scanned version of signed and stamped documents. Thank you for understanding.

Update 11/04/2013: We received a large number of agreements that do not comply with the application procedures of EACEA (for projects in Serbia) and Croatian NA (for projects in Croatia). Please carefully read the instructions above and use ONLY the forms that are attached below.

All documents should be sent to the e-mail by April 20th 2013, 23:59 CET.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your question and to forward this call to organizations that may be interested.

Best regards,

C:E:T platform team

Download forms:

Partnership identification (any project(s))

Preliminary agreement TC Serbia

Preliminary agreement YE Serbia

Eligible countries:
eligible_countriesEuropean Union + EFTA + EEA + Turkey

South east countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo*

Hosting countries (eligible to apply only for project that will be hosted in another hosting country)

*under UNSC Resolution 1244/1999

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