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BLOG #03 Power on Earth – Youth in space

youth-powerC:E:T platform BLOG, Release No. 1 by Tamara Petrović

Given that there is tricky connection between (physical, mental, experiental) strength as a “bling bling” on youngsters, and (real, XXI-century-in-the-west) power, I will pin some spots in the soft map of young people’s concerns, intentionally. Read the rest of this entry

Call for partners for projects in Croatia and Serbia

youth-in-action-call-for-partnersDear European Youth Workers,

C:E:T platform is happy to announce


from European Union and South East Europe (ex-YU and Albania) for three following projects. Project proposals will be submited to EACEA and Croatian National Agency under action 3.1 of Youth in Action program. Read the rest of this entry